OSR is a compiler optimization technique on Java Hotspot VM. The Java’s significant features is Portability meaning that it can run on any OS.

Let’s reiterate the overview of how the compiler works,

  • When the javac is invoked, compiler takes java code and compiles into byte code, i.e. Demo.java into Demo.class.
  • The byte code can be translated into Hardware Instructions by JVM.

The translation works into two ways:

  • Interpretation -It converts the Java code into machine code, and start execute it. It works as dictionary approach, checks instruction sets to execute machine code.
  • Compilation -It executes faster and more optimized…

Knowledge Sharing!

Consider a scenario if any exceptions occurs in your Stream operation but you don’t want to terminate the process.

You have to make a choice what if any exception occurs, in my case i just wanted to print the exception and continue process the pipeline operations.

Create a custom class, i choose the class as ‘Choice’ as below,

public class Choice<E, V> { private final E exceptionValue; private final V value; private Choice(E exceptionValue, V value) { this.exceptionValue = exceptionValue; this.value = value; } public static <E,V> Choice<E,V> exceptionChoice(E value) { return new Choice(value, null); } public static <E,V> Choice<E,V>

Thangavel Loganathan

Senior Software Engineer at THG

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